Champion Supreme Benches have seats and backs that are deeper for maximum comfort - a full 15 inches deep.  Besides providing maximum comfort, these benches have steel frames for safety and reliable performance. They have rounded corners and sturdy seats that will not sag over time. They are also UV stable and have mold-resistant plastisol (poly-vinyl) coating on the entire bench, including the legs, for rust protection.

Champion Supreme Benches are built to last in all climates.  Wind, sand, salt chlorine, rain, and snow are no match for these products.

You can choose between coated expanded metal (diamond pattern) and perforated (punched) steel surfaces.  

Choose from four mounting options:

  • Free Standing
  • Direct Bury
  • Surface Mount
  • Wall Mounted (benches without back)

Available Colours: Red, Burgundy, Orange, Yellow, Hunter Green, Evergreen, Blue, Purple, Ivory, Gray, Brown, and Black

To learn more about Champion Supreme Benches, download the product specifications.

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