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Behavioural Healthcare Products Janitorial Maintenance Handles Shank-Free Clip-On with "Panther Pole" Black Fiberglass Handle
Shank-Free Clip-On with "Panther Pole" - Briarwood Products
Shank-Free Clip-On with "Panther Pole" - Briarwood Products


Key Features:

  • Made from flexible rubbery plastic which eliminates the ability to be sharpened into a shank or shank holder
  • Can be locked straight for hallways or unlocked for swivel action around corners
  • Durable
  • “Panther Pole” Black Fiberglass handle is connected directly to connector with adhesive.
  • Metal-Free
  • Made exclusively for the Shank-Free Backbone™ [Item # 6025]
  • “Panther Pole” Black fiberglass handle will shatter and bend under high-impact.
  • If the Fiberglass Handle should become damaged it must be discarded immediately

Item Number: #6031E-F56