Our Nomex Security Blanket is made of 100% Nomex Aramid Fabric. This means that it is inherently fire-resistant (FR) and not chemically treated to be fire-retardant (FR). The FR qualities are inherent to the molecular structure of the aramid fiber itself. In some fire-retardant security garments, the FR is a chemical treatment that is gradually washed out over time in the laundering process. This is not the case with our Nomex Security Blanket. Nomex is soft to the touch and is not chemically treated to be FR.

Nomex Security Blanket is a 5-layer construction with the 2 outside layers of Nomex FR cloth, 2 inner layers of FR polyester padding, and the middle layer 2000 denier nylon that provides the rip stop protection. 

Each blanket is quilted in a pattern that limits any tearing of the outside Nomex layer to strips of no longer than 2”. We use 12 stitches per inch in the quilting process for an extremely tight seam (most competitors only sew 10 stitches per inch), using a nylon filament thread similar to fishing line tested to 50 lbs of breaking force. All our Nomex Security Blankets are made in Canada. Our customers are extensive including corrections, police agencies, and mental health facilities. All items are machine washed and dried…no special cleaning is required.

Blanket dimensions: 58” x 78”

Available Colours: Natural (Ivory) and Blue